Rock Climbing In Krabi

Rock Climbing in krabi

Every year thousands of climbers come to Krabi specifically to challenge themselves on the famous limestone karsts, and most agree it’s well worth the trip. There are over 150 bolted routes, concentrated primarily on the Phranang peninsula, between Hat Tham Phranang and Hat Rai Le. These routes are typically in the mid-to-high difficulty range, with numerous overhangs, and sheer limestone faces. However, there are also several beginner climbs, so that even the novice climber can experience the thrill of climbing. Equipment rentals, instruction, and guides are all available.

Ao Nang Climber
Location : Ao Nang
Tel.: 08 6689 9461
Spidermonkey Climbing
Location : Ao Nang (Koh Phi Phi Don)
Tel.: 0 7581 9384
Hot Rock Climbing School
Location : Between Yaya resort
Tel.: 0 7566 2245
Wee’s Rock Climbing
Location : Ao Nang
Tel.: 08 1149 9745
N-Joy Rock Climbing
Location : Railay east side
Tel.: 08 1609 8191, 08 2640 5333

Mountain Biking In Krabi

mountain biking in krabi

A mountain bike, available for rent in Krabi Town and in Ao Nang, will allow you to go ‘off-road’ and explore the network of dirt tracks that go back for miles behind the highways. You will come across astonishing landscapes, small farming communities – and no doubt a whole host of memorable encounters with friendly and welcoming local people.

The main highway network is also fairly cycle-friendly. The roads are generally not very busy and on the majority of them there is a hard shoulder. Local car drivers are also very used to motorcyclists, so other two-wheeled road users – although fairly uncommon – pose no problem for them.

Krabi Eco Cycle
Location : Ao Nang
Tel.: 0 7563 7250, 08 1607 4162

Horse Riding In Krabi

horse riding in krabi

Horse riding has become a favourite enjoyment for families and friends in Thailand. On Koh Lanta Island, it is available at Khlong Nin Beach and it is suitable for the beginner right through to the more advanced rider.

Krabi Nature Horse Riding
Location : Ao Namao
Tel.: 0 7569 5499
Lanta Gym Muay Thai
Location : Saladan, Lanta
Tel.: 0 7568 4848, 0 7568 4847

Golf In Krabi

golf in krabi

Krabi Mini Golf Course taken a lesson from one of our professionals, come down today and see why it is voted one of most picturesque practice facilities in South East Asia. Krabi Mini Golf Course is located 15 minutes drive from the popular tourist destination of Ao Nang and Khlong Muang, and features automated golf ball feeding equipment.

Lanta Pizzeria Mini Golf Bajen
Location : Pra Ae Beach, Saladan, Koh Lanta
Tel.: 0 7568 4309
Pakasai Country Club
Location : Nua Klong District
Tel.: 08 6810 3413

Fishing In Krabi

Fishing in krabi

Many people look forward to an unforgetable experience of deep sea fishing in Krabi and the surrounding sea. Spending quality time with your family or a group of friends together on a deep sea fishing adventure is something to cherish.

Especially so when cheering each other when a fight is on and the joy of landing the big prize is immense. The tropical water of the Andaman Sea is rich with fish stock. Teeming around the limestone outcrops are Cobia, Sailfish, Barracuda, Giant Trevally, Mackerel, Big Eye Tuna, Marlin, Queen Fish, Grouper, Snapper, Jacks and others. The trip is only for the hardy and adventurous, perhaps the greatest test of an angler’s skill, stamina, strength and endurance. You never know what you will come up with, but that opportunity is real.

Gillhams Fishing Resorts
Location : Krabi Town
Tel.: 08 6164 4554
Me Mee Ao Nang
Location : Ao Nang
Tel.: 08 1091 6091
Let’s Go Krabi
Location : Ao Nang
Tel.: 08 1091 6091
Sumate Koh Lanta Safari
Location : Pra-ae (Long Beach) Saladan, Koh Lanta
Tel.: 0 7568 4845

Sea Kayak In Krabi

Sea Kayak in krabi

The combination of clean water, sea cliffs, and mangrove-rimmed canals has made Krabi a popular setting for kayakers. Four operators offer options from beach rentals by the hour to full daytrips (with lunch) into spectacular and remote mangrove channels where there is a good chance of seeing monkeys, eagles and otters. The kayakers also paddle into Krabi River opposite town, and out to the Koh Hong island group. Kayaking is highly rewarding, informative, and when supervised properly, an environmentally friendly way to experience Krabi’s coastal beauty.

Ao-nang Photo Travel
Location : Ao Nang
Tel.: 0 7563 7599, 08 6470 3160
Sopon Canoeing Trip Krabi
Location : Ao Nang
Tel.: 08 1597 6163, 08 9591 1926
Krabi Bamboo Rafting
Location : Ao Nang
Tel.: 0 7564 4209
Sumate Koh Lanta Safari
Location : Pra-ae(Long Beach) Saladan, Koh Lanta
Tel.: 0 7568 4845
Krabi Kingdom
Location : Ao Nang
Tel.: 0 7566 1113, 0 7569 5783

Elephant Riding & Trekking In Krabi


The elephant is seen as a symbol of the nation and a talisman for the Thai people. With their wrinkly grey skin and swaying trunk, they are a fascinating combination of brute force, gentleness and remarkable agility that inspires both respect and affection. With elephants fast disappearing from the wild in Thailand, the best place to see these fascinating animals up close is in a trekking camp. There are only a few camps in Krabi – such establishments must follow strict guidelines as set by the National Livestock Department regarding the provision of adequate food, water and shade for their animals, as well as proper health care.

Huay Tho Safari
Location : Tapprik, Krabi Town
Tel.: 08 1891 3578, 08 7882 2107 (Khun Amnaj)
Nosey Parker’s Elephant Camp
Location : Krabi Road, Pak Nam
Tel.: 0 7562 1157
Island Safari
Location : Ao Nang
Tel.: 0 7563 7930, 0 7563 7438
Sumate Koh Lanta Safari
Location : Pra-ae (Long Beach) Saladan, Koh Lanta
Tel.: 0 7568 4845

Scuba In Krabi

scuba in krabi

One of the most popular dive sites in Asia, if not the world, is Krabi. The gorgeous islands of Krabi hold numerous popular and world-renowned dive sites within its boundaries, and the islands also prove to be brilliant spots to learn diving if you have not done so yet. For those not interested in diving, the sport of snorkeling is also available for those that want to experience the gorgeous seas of Krabi.

Aqua Vision Dive Center
Location : Klong Muang Beach
Tel.: 08 6944 4068
Railay Dive Center
Location : Ao Nang
Tel.: 08 4840 0896, 08 5783 0876
Coral Diving
Location : Krabi Resort, Ao Nang
Tel.: 0 7563 7662
Scuba Addicts
Location : Ao Nang
Tel.: 0 7563 7394

Getting To Krabi


From Bangkok

By Car: From Bangkok, take Highway No. 4 to Chumphon province, then change to Highway No. 41 which passes through Surat Thani province. Then drive onto Highway No. 4035 until you reach Au Luek District and turn to No. 4 again. The total distance is 814 km.

By Bus: There are air-conditioned bus services to Krabi leaving the Southern Bus Terminal at Borommaratcha Chonnani Road daily in the evening. The journey takes about 12 hours.

For further details,
call the Southern Bus Terminal, 0 2894 6122

For taxi : Southern Bus Terminal ไปสถานีขนส่งสายใต้

By Rail: There is no direct train to Krabi. But you can take a train from Bangkok’s Hualamphong Station to Trang or Nakhon Si Thammarat and take a bus or taxi to Krabi.

For Trang, an express train leaves Bangkok daily at 17.05 and reaches Trang at 09.40 and a rapid train leaves daily at 18.20 and arrive at 12.20 hrs.

For Nakhon Si Thammarat, a rapid train leaves Bangkok daily at 17.35 and arrives at 10.45 and an express train leaves daily at 19.15 and arrives at 12.00 hrs.

For details, call
the State Railway of Thailand, 1690, 0 2223 7010, 0 2220 4444 (RSVN),
0 2220 4334, 0 2621 8701.

For taxi : Hualamphong Station ไปสถานีรถไฟหัวลำโพง

By Air: Domestic airlines operate daily flights from Bangkok to Krabi. The trip takes 1.20 hours.

From Phuket

By Bus: From Phuket Bus Terminal, there are non air-con and air-con bus services for Krabi many times daily. The trip takes 3-4 hours. For details, contact 0 7621 1480.

By Car:
Take Route 402 and 4 which passes Takua Thung and Thap Pud districts in Phang-nga and enter Krabi at Au Luek District. The total distance is 185 kilometres.

By Air:
Domestic airlines offer flight services between Phuket and Krabi.

Guide To Aonang


Ao Nang is the central point of Krabi and it’s attractions…..just a few years ago this was still a tiny fishing community but in recent times has grown onto a major international destination. Ao Nang beach is hailed to be one of the finest beaches of the world. Overlooking the tranquil sea, hidden among tropical greenery, the Ao Nang beach is indeed the ultimate destination for the tourist who loves sea ‘n the sun. To know more about the Ao Nang beach.

Ao Nang beach is a scenic bay – white sandy beach stretches to the foot of a conspicuously prominent limestone range. Set in lush tropical gardens and surrounded by coconut trees, the Ao Nang beach offers some of the most dramatic coastal scenery in the world – sandy beaches, abundant marine life, live coral and great underwater visibility nearby.

Accommodation is available in the Ao Nang beach along the beachfront, a variety of hotels & resorts of various prices & ranges.

Other facilities include diving shops, boats for rent and sightseeing by canoe.

From Ao Nang beach, tourists may hire boats to visit nearby attractions such as Hat Rai Lay, Tham Phra Nang, Sa Phranang located on land to the east of Ao Nang beach, which are ideal sites for swimming, snorkeling or scuba-diving.

The white sands, rock formations, islets, coral reefs, limestone caves and clear waters of the Ao Nang beach does wonders in revitalizing the tired & much stressed tourists.

It’s the beach for those who would rather spend the day peacefully basking in the sun, diving or swimming… Ao Nang beach is thus a dream come true for every nature lover, who craves for the exotic richness of the nature.

Rainy season : May-Dec Monsoons : Sep- Nov
Dry season : Jan-Apr Average Temp. : 17-37 c
High Season : Dec-May Low Season : Jun-Oct 

Local Transfer

to/from Krabi 6:00-18:00, 20B,18-22:00 50B, from Phra Nang Inn leaves when collected passengers.
To Rai Ley, longtail boat, 40B
To Ko Phi Phi 250B, Phuket 250B?, 8:30,10:30, 13:30